Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Friday, February 10, 2012

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Different kind of Motivation

1. If you lost your motivation in work, you will get energy by thinking this.

Some times we lost our interest in work, if it is very hard as well as our colleague is boring us with unwanted chat. If we do our work without willingness, we don't have the ability to do it well and we will do a lot of mistakes as well as did our work in a wrong manner. To avoid this kind of issues we must do our work with our interest and willingness, we must motivate our self to do our work in a good way.

There is nothing wrong in cheering up by our self, it is very hard to do a work properly without our interest, so we must take some break in our work and refresh our self to do our work in a good manner, i will get motivation by listening a good music, surfing some good sites in internet. We will get motivation by doing our favorite things, just divert your self with the things you most like to get energy to do your work.

Interest and motivation is very important to do a thing in a good manner, without our interest it is very hard to do any kind of things, so do your work with your full interest and get motivation for it with your favorite things. We are human beings, so we need some relaxation and refreshment, if you do your work with proper relaxing activities, you will do it in a good manner.

2. Motivation from Under estimation..

Each and every one is unique and having lot of talents and skills lies within them. Some time people don't know about the real value of a person and under estimate him based on his personality or simplicity. Our appearance don't show our real skills and talents, some times persons with simple appearance will have a great talent and we come to know about it after they achieve it in their target.

Estimating a person with his appearance is not a good thing, we must estimate a person based on his skill and talent. Don't under estimate any one, we don't know who is having what kind of talents. Some times this kind of under estimation from others will motivate the people to achieve some thing in their life.

A small boy near to my house hold is doing 4th standard in a private school, he is not good in studies and always get poor marks, some of his relatives suggested his father to admit him in a normal school, since he is studying very poorly and his money is gone as waste. But his father is having faith with his son. This kind of under estimation made a change in the boy and he studied very hard, as a result he got first mark in the class in the quarterly exam. Now his father is very happy and the relatives felt shame.

3. Motivation for Online Earnings..

Most of us having reasons for earning money and get motivations from it. I am doing online jobs in my free time for maintaining the family and my family is the motivation for my online earnings. As we have lot of expenses in our day to day life, some of them are expected and most of them are unexpected, we are in need to spend our money for both of this, so we are in need to earn money and this is the reason to get motivation for earnings.

If we are school/college students and our parents help us to pay the fees and we are not in need to earn, we may come forward to reduce our parents burden, just think to make money to support your parents and i have the ability to pay my college fee using my online income, surely you will get motivation and work hard to earn money to pay your fee, it will help you to organize your online activities and avoid to visit unwanted sites and wasting your precious time with it.

A lot of ways are available to get motivation for online earning, just plan to give a gift to your parents, friends are beloved one for their b'day or other special day, we will work hard to earn the money for buying the present and it will motivate you to earn more. Also you have the ability to buy your favorite things by your own with out disturbing others, using your online earnings.

So a lot of motivating factors are available for online earnings, just make your target amount and work hard to achieve it using your hard work, determination and confidence. All the best for your online earnings.

4. Motivation from Failure..

Face every situation in life with your confidence, we never lost our hope. Every one is having a lot of skills and powers lies with in us. We must find our talents and shine in our field, if we achieved some thing in our life, no one thinks that we are unworthy.

Every one in this world is born with some cause, no one is unworthy and useless. We all have some work and try our maximum to do it properly, if someone thinks that we are unworthy, we show that we have work and have the ability to do our work properly. Don't feel a lot and lose your confident if you face this kind of criticism. Just increase your creativity and do a good thing with your ability. This kind of situation must encourage you, never dishearten you. Don't think nobody is caring at you and you are alone. Give your care and affection to others to get the same from them.
Hope you will get more motivation after reading this article.

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